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Spark Cancer Rehabilitation

We are delighted to collaborate with ABSolute Physio (Co. Fermanagh) to offer specialist cancer rehabilitation services in partnership with Action Cancer. This enables an individual with cancer the opportunity for physiotherapy assessment followed by individualised treatment and rehabilitation.
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What does SPARK stand for?

The service is called Spark Cancer rehabilitation service and it stands for:
S: Support in the community
P: Physio-led service
A: Active Lifestyle promotion
R: Rehabilitation
K: Knowledge
Cancer rehabilitation is suitable for ANYONE with cancer and at ANY stage of their cancer journey whether that is pre-op, post-op, during treatment, or finished treatment.

What does cancer rehabilitation have to offer?

Rehabilitation will always commence via 1:1 sessions and can progress to group cancer rehabilitation sessions when appropriate. Contact the clinic or action cancer for more information.
Posture rehabilitation
Progressive strength and conditioning
Scar mobilisation
Manual therapy
Graded exercise prescription
Fatigue management
Pain management
Breathing techniques
Optimal muscle recruitment strategies
Group exercise sessions
Management for Auxillary Webbing
Identification of Lymphodema and onward referral
Musculoskeletal assessment of any affected areas/joints as a result of the cancer, surgery or treatments