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Hip Clinic

We are delighted to launch the first of our specialist clinics which we have been working on for the past year.

This service is designed by Helen McElroy (clinical lead physio) who has trained extensively in this area and completed her PhD in Hip and groin injuries in GAA athletes.
Our assessment and rehab systems have been developed through best practice research, liason with orthopaedics and sports medicine specialists and years of experience treating athletes at recreational, regional, national and international level.
Within this service we will build your own athlete profile on which we base your rehab journey, this involves a clinical examination, strength and biomechanics assessment.
From there a evidence based and personalised rehabilitation programme will be devised for you, with your rehab journey mapped out and criteria based goals set to mark progress along the way.
We work with a network of sports medicine doctors and consultants where we can organise orthopaedic review and/ or imaging if appropriate. We liase with your consultant where needed to provide optimum outcomes.
As part of this service we are building our own inhouse research database and are striving to provide the highest level of care based on our outcomes and internal audits.
This service is appropriate for anyone with any form of hip and or groin pain including (but not limited to)
Hip OA
FAI syndrome
Adductor injuries
Pubic overload/ Osteitis pubis
Inguinal related pain
If you have any enquiries, please do give us a call and speak to our physio team. Patients can self-refer, however we also accept referrals from other Health Professionals (Consultant/ GP/ AHPs).